Alice in Wonderland

This Artist in Residence project is currently being undertaken at the Wheelers Hill Primary School campus of Caulfield Grammar School.



This project involves Years 4 and 6 of the school working on the Alice in Wonderland theme (Year 3 students are working on a ‘Rainforest Wall’ project).


Progressive works from the project will be posted here regularly and an exhibition of completed works will eventually be included.


The completed works will be on display at the school production of the Alice in Wonderland play to be presented mid year 2012. They will also feature on this website in a separate gallery of completed artworks.


The Grade 4 student are making highly imaginative individual variations of a tea cups which will be decorated with colourful topics from the Alice in Wonderland story. The cups are being constructed using ‘paper clay’ and these will be painted using bright, imaginative and strong Acrylic paints. Characters and scenes from the story have been well- researched and will be included as painted motifs on the cup surface. One girl, at least, plans to make her cup like the hole through which Alice fell and tiny 3D animals will be added at the bottom inside her cup.


The Grade 6 students are working in pairs to make a large 3D wall plaque that will also address the Alice in Wonderland story.



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    I’m happy you like the work and my blogs Cheers Max

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