Bushfire: Out of the Dark



Out of the Dark is a photographic essay of the re-growth and re-birth of the trees in the hills around Melbourne following the tragic bush fires in the hills around Melbourne in January 2009.



The stark contrasts between death and new life; between dark and light; between black and green, and between despair and hope is clear.



While the smell of ‘the days of burning’ is overpowering, the smell of strength cannot be ignored.



The resilience of the trees reflects the spirit of those who are rebuilding their lives.



Out of despair and destruction, comes hope. Out of the Dark comes light.



Photographer: Max Darby


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2 Responses to “Bushfire:Out of the Dark”

  1. max says:

    Of course, I’m happy for my work to be of use and your project sounds rather special. Let me know how I can best provide images and I’ll send them. I’ll be interested in buying one or more of your books (no freebes expected). There’s no cost for the images but it would be nice if you acknowledged them (maybe just Dr. Max Darby, Arts Education Consultant). I’m glad you survived the fire. It was nice chatting on the phone earlier today. Best wishes and let me know if I can help in any other way. Max

  2. Hi, I am currently writing a book about resiliency, and love your images of regrowth after the fires on Black Saturday.
    I lived in Tecoma at that time, and had to evacuate 3 times during that period.

    I hope you will allow me to use a before and after image of yours in my book.

    Of course I will credit them to YOU.

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