Bug Mosaics: Box Hill H.S.

These works were photographed by Max Darby in November, 2013



These colourful mosaics creatures found in nature were made by the Year 8 design students of Donna Nevard at Box Hill High School. The bug theme had been used throughout the year. The bug shapes were designed by students and cut out of weather text board by their teacher using a jigsaw. 


A beautiful range of glass colours was used to form the decorative shapes. Students were given demonstrations on how to cut and grind the glass using carefully controlled safety aspects. Considerations about pattern, repetition and colour choices were discussed by the class and with individual students. 

One major aspect of this mural is that each individual piece of work can be handled easily for installation and arrangement. It has already been installed and removed to allow installation in a new location.



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  1. max says:

    Thanks to the wonderful and exceptionally talented art staff at Box Hill High School. I always appreciate your help. Dr. Max Darby

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