Sports Boots: Box Hill High School

These photographs were taken by Max Darby during June, 2013


More images will be included shortly.


These wonderfully colourful hand painted sports boots were undertaken and completed under the guidance of Box Hill High School art teacher Olga Lambrianidis. They were painted by students in Year 8 and completed by students in Year 10. Facing a public arena they can be seen easily and provide a great advertisement for the school and its art department.


Acrylic Dulux house paints were used because of their strength and durability. The final design required students to outline various shapes in black painted lines. 


Some support was provided by sports shoe makers Nike and Adidas because the project was organised as a competition towards a school fund-raiser for its Student Representative Council (S.R.C.)


More information will be included as it becomes available.


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2 Responses to “Sports Boots: Box Hill High School”

  1. grant says:
      Very impressive and eye catching and I see them every time I play cricket on the oval….

      Yes, wonderful aren’t they Grant. That’s how I first came across the boots…from looking at them while I was playing on the oval. Cheers Max

  2. max says:

    A wonderful project. Well done Olga and your students. Max

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