Ceramic Wall Mural – Benalla

This mural was photographed by Susan Maygar.



The exciting public space below which includes an amphitheater, a lake viewing platform and 2 sets of sound pipes (known as ‘thongaphones’ which are a percussion instrument played by hitting the soles of walking thongs or light shoes across the ends of different sizes and lengths of pipe) is located beside the lake in the Victorian town of Benalla. The project  began as a sponsored project in 1983 with funding from the Australia Council Community Arts Board.  Artist in Residence, Judy Lorraine was appointed to design and oversee the project and much of the ceramic work was created by her.


In addition, a number of noted ceramic artists were appointed to complete some of the cave seats in the colonnades. Primary school children from the area designed the clay ground tiles that surround the entrance, and the local community were also encouraged to participate regardless of their experience or skills. The major colouring is provided by the terracotta clay from which the wall is created.


The Benalla Ceramic Mural, which was formally opened by Mayor Councillor Bill Hill, provides a special place for public relaxation and interaction with the lake and Regional Art Gallery  beside it.


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  1. Anna says:

    Has some Gaudi-esque structures to it.

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