Autumn Leaves Suspension

These photographs were taken by Max Darby in April 2013



This large suspension of Autumn Leaves was found in Australia Arcade, Melbourne. The idea is one that could easily be adapted for students in both Primary and Secondary Schools.


The artist’s name was not found in the location but will be added as soon as I find it.


A similar suspension can be seen in the file titled Suspension located under Art Ideas – Photo Albums (found in the side margin of the homepage).


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One Response to “Autumn Leaves Suspension.”

  1. Susan Maygar says:

    Hi Max
    Love the images and also those headed Suspension.
    The possibilities for students are infinite. I am using clear sheets and coloured foam both surfaces would print up using nature prints to gain a variety of possibilities. Possible print activities for year 7.
    Thank you for the ideas.

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