Auburn P.S.

This project was completed in July 2011


The project at Auburn Primary School involved creating a huge outdoors wall mural. Each student (and some teachers) in the school (from Prep to Year 6) painted a topic that depicted something from their own life onto small waterproof boards.

The small paintings were combined to make a larger scene based on the environment.


The mural is located on the walls of a new centre and has been designed to make what could be considered to be a drab and boring location into a bright, colourful and interactive environment.


The images may take a minute to fully download. The arrows to left and right allow you to progress or return



Click on the icon in the middle to enlarge each image.









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9 Responses to “Auburn Primary School”

  1. Kaylin says:

    I totally accept the value of what you do and this work. Grand.

  2. max says:

    I’m so happy you like it Cathy. The whole school does…and it’s close to where you live so maybe you will get a chance to have a look. It can be seen from the road.
    I have some more to do later this year.

  3. max says:

    I’m glad you like it Susan. As you realise, I’m sure, displaying student work around a school does much more than ‘pretty the buildings up.’
    It’s a way of demonstrating to everyone the value of what art teachers do with children/students and the value of art experiences for all…and makes you the envy of other staff.

  4. max says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Glad you liked it…much more colourful than the way the wall was, eh?

    I hope to see you up at Shep sometime soon.


  5. Ade Sumner says:

    G’Day Max
    just had a look at the Auburn PS mural. What a fantastic result by you and the kids. Personalises what appears to be a rather sterile building courtesy of the DEECD. Congratulations
    Ade Sumner

  6. Susan Maygar says:

    What a wonderful way to add student work to a school. So many school buildings are so uninspiring even if the school is architecturally interesting by placing student work around the building gives students ownership of the space. I too love the dominent colours used to tie the images together. Brilliant iadea max.

  7. Cathy KJ says:

    Max, the wall looks fabulous – so bright and colourful. I can only guess at how many hours and how hard you worked to achieve such a positive permanent history for each of those students. It will be their joy and pride, certainly for every day they are there. Another example of ‘Darby Magic’!

  8. max says:

    I’m so happy you like it…that’s what I live for. Thanks for being so positive. The other projects on this site are worth a visit too. Talk when I get back in 5/6 weeks. Cheers Max

  9. Rasa Dover says:

    This is a stunningly beautiful display of each child’s art work! I really love it.
    The colours that tie them all together is so fresh and alive and bright.
    What a wonderful upgrade for the look of that wall, and what a fantastic thrill for the children to see their perception of their life up there for all to see. How embowering for them. I certainly appreciate that this kind of art and event is happening in our country.
    Thanks you Max for putting me in touch with this.
    Love Rasa Dover

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