Art Teacher Well-being

This file is currently being developed by Tracey Bowler and Max Darby

One of the most significant initiatives in recent Education (both in Australia and overseas) has been a growing emphasis on the importance of teacher and student well-being. Many schools have been advertising and employing specialist staff to oversee well-being on a formal basis.

While all teachers have a need and responsibility to ensure well-being for all, themselves included, teaching art brings with it some unique characteristics that demand attention.

Well-being means much more than ensuring the school provides comfortable staff rooms and work spaces – important though that may be. Well-being requires attention to a wide range of needs. These will be addressed succinctly below. While it is challenging to decide on what things need to be addressed to ensure well-being, finding solutions that suit individual needs and preferences is even more challenging. The simple advice provided here is based solely on personal experience and needs to be acted upon, adapted, varied or rejected by all of you who access this file. Anyone with particular issues of a serious nature should seek professional assistance.

An invitation is extended to you to include comments and advice in the response panel below. The success of the well-being initiative will depend on people working together when appropriate in a cooperative way.

To be continued…..


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2 Responses to “Art Teacher Well-being”

  1. max says:

    Hi Jane, of course I remember you well. I think your topic is very important and I’ll give it some thought. But I fly out to work in Fiji again for 6 weeks in a couple of days so I aye not be of much use. My email address is Email me and I’ll try to help. I fly out very early on Friday morning. Cheers Max

  2. Jane Strickland says:

    Hi Max
    I am writing a 3000 word article for art teachers on the relatively new science Positive Psychology and what is offers to build well-being for art teachers and their students.
    I am happy to share this once it is done if you are interested.
    Today I found your website and think it is fantastic help for art teachers.I am impressed by your generosity in sharing.
    What do you think are the unique stressors for art teachers as opposed to a more classroom based teacher?
    I have a few ideas but your thoughts(brief)would be valuable.
    You may remember me Max as I worked at the NGV as an Educator for the past 11 years.
    Cheers Jane

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