Art History Worksheet



This worksheet helps you to record information of an historical nature about artworks. You may need to do some research to find answers to the questions or listen closely to your teacher in class. Questions can be adjusted, added to or deleted to suit your own needs.

Additional space can be used if you find it necessary.

The worksheet can be located in your Workbook or Visual Diary.

What is the name of the artwork?

Where is it now located? (city, gallery, private collection etc)

What media is the artwork made from (e.g. clay, oil paint, charcoal, fabrics)

Where did you see the artwork (e.g. exhibition, textbook, DVD, film, etc)

What is the artwork (e.g. a painting, sculpture, etching, garment etc)

Who made the artwork (e.g. artist, name of group, culture etc)

When was the artwork made? (e.g. year, period, style etc)

Where was the artwork made? (place, country, location etc)

Why was the artwork made? (Intention, as a commission, Political statement)

Is it an important example of this kind of work? Why?

Are there any influences from the past or present on the artwork?

Did the artist influence any other artists or art movements?

What is unique about the artwork?

What do Art Historians say about the artwork and the artist?

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