Alice Springs Beanie Festival

The Alice Springs Beanie Festival occurs annually. It can be checked online at where information of past and present festivals and details of the where and when they are held can be found. There is the possibility of becoming involved with the festival by contacting the organisers directly. The Beanie Festival is always welcoming of volunteers who can make a useful contribution in a number of ways.

The festival  celebrates the Beanie’s ability to ascribe to a head love, warmth and joy through the use of textile techniques such as knitting, felting and weaving. While these techniques are easy to learn they are much more difficult to master.

The many ideas that are created each year are made alive by highly developed skills and techniques. The high level of imagination and extraordinary skill make the common beanie extraordinary. Through these beanies, the love of family, friends, lovers, country and animals is celebrated.

While this festival is unique, the idea of variations upon a theme of objects usually considered as ‘everyday items’ it also provides enormous possibilities for teachers of Visual Arts and Crafts.

The beanies produced below are just a small number of the many that were included in the Festival. Many others can be seen on the online website mentioned above.

The images may take a minute to download. The arrows to the left and right of the main image can be used to progress or return to other images.

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