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Guangdong Country Garden School

Guangzhou, China 2008



Contact Information

Mobile: +61417147402 (International)

Mobile: 0417147402 (Australia)

Email: max@artseducationguru.com

Email: rdarby@isn.school.fj

Website: www.artseducationguru.com

Current Location: Beaumaris, Victoria. Australia.





Dr. Max Darby has a broad range of experiences in the Visual Arts and has been involved with many initiatives related to Art Education. These include


–  working in Government and Non-Government schools


–  working in Visual Arts Nationally and Internationally


–  designing assessment policies and ensuring their implementation


–  reviewing and evaluating schools and art departments


–  reviewing and mentoring teacher performance


–  opening numerous art exhibitions (student and professional artists)


–  publishing 9 successful art text books and numerous articles for journals and magazines


–  teaching Visual Arts to students at all levels


–  coordinating and leading successful school Visual Arts Departments


–  teaching in most Visual Arts subject areas including painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, crafts, sculpture, construction, textiles, photography, mixed-media, multi-media, computer graphics, film and video, jewellery, metal-craft, wood-craft and graphic design.


–  lecturing in Art Education at the University of Melbourne


–  delivering keynote addresses at National and State Art Education conferences and seminars


–  designing curriculum for Victorian and Statewide Certificates (VCE) and for International Baccalaureate Visual Arts


–  designing school-based programs, courses and activities


–  delivering professional development programs to teachers and to schools


–  providing numerous Visual Arts workshops


–  providing consultancy services in Australia and overseas


–  working with major art galleries and commercial art galleries


–  working with Art Historians and Art Critics


–  working with prisoners in Pentridge Prison


–  working as an Artist in Residence


–  working as a professional artist.



Services Offered


The following services are offered to teachers, students and schools. The type of service, program and costs are reasonable and negotiable. Max is a highly qualified and fully registered teacher complete with Police clearance check. Contact details can be found on the Home Page under About Max.


  • Artist in Residence (all levels)
  • Environmental workshop leader (Constructed and Natural)
  • Course, Program and Activity Design
  • Art Department Review and Evaluation (all levels)
  • Art Facilities layout and advice
  • Art Department Budget advice
  • Occupational, Health and Safety Evaluation and advice
  • Teacher Performance Reviews, Preparation and Mentoring
  • Written documents e.g. reports, course outlines, job applications, Resumes etc.
  • Art Exhibition speaker
  • Art Exhibition Organizer and/or Consultant
  • Function Organizer or Planner
  • Curriculum Day Speaker and Motivator
  • Online Student Exhibition Organizer or Planner
  • Online Gallery Organizer
  • Private Tutor/Mentor (students and teachers)
  • Examination preparation
  • Art Trip and Travel Organizer and/or Leader
  • Heidelberg School painting sites tour leader (Box Hill, Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Mentone etc.).
  • Personal Guide for Art Walks or excursions (see the file on Art walks under Articles)
  • Relieving teacher – long and short term
  • Workshop Leader, kills and Techniques Instructor – various, as required
  • Art Careers Adviser – students and teachers
  • Job or Position Finder
  • Life Drawing Instructor/Teacher
  • School Exchanges of student artworks (Overseas and in Australia)
  • Teacher Exchange Organizer
  • Inter-school exchanges of art works (International, Australia and online)
  • Public Speaking Trainer
  • Resource and Equipment Consultant and Adviser
  • Textbook Purchasing Consultant
  • Other, as requested or required.









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