Wanganui Park S.C. 9″ x  5″ paintings.

The following paintings in the 9″ x 5″ format were influenced by the works of the Australian Impressionist artists around the 1880′ and the dots and line paintings of Aboriginal artists. Both of these styles were referred to in class. Examples of work were made available for students to view, integrating studio practice with an appreciation of the work of other artists. The emphasis in the student works was on pattern, colour, repetition and variation. Certainly all of these qualities are evident in the resulting outcomes.


The 9″ x 5″ format was derived from some Australian Impressionist artists painting on the cedar lids of cigar boxes which were that size. This was a good, light and convenient size for quick Impressionist studies made outdoors. By ‘flipping’ the lid closed on the boxes, the wet oil paint was protected inside while they were carried from the bush locations where they were painted. Exhibitions of the 9″ x 5″ works were held in Melbourne in the 1880’s. Many of these have survived and can be seen in the collections of major Australian Art Galleries.

The paintings below were part of an Artist in Residence Project that challenged teacher Tina Gartlan’s Year 9 students to make three very large (4 x 2 meters) aerial painted interpretations of their Australian Rural City of Shepparton. In addition to these works (which can be seen on this website under Artist in Residences), each student made a 9″ x 5″ aerial interpretation of their own home and it’s general location. Students used Google Earth to research the Geographical features depicted in the 3 large paintings and for their own individual works. Style and format was left to students to decide and while some opted for a more natural look, others preferred a more abstract, patterned appearance.

All of the works were originally exhibited at the school’s Speech and Presentation night in December 2009.


The images may take a minute to download.


Click on the arrows to left and right of the large images below to progress or return to earlier works. A facility to enlarge images to full page will be provided soon.



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4 Responses to “9″ X 5″ Paintings: Year 9: Wanganui Park S.C.”

  1. max says:

    To talk to the students to interview them you’d need to go through the school. It can be contacted at Wanganui Park Secondary School, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. If you can’t find a telphone number I can get it for you.
    The larger works from this ariel series are also excellent and can be found on the same site titled Wanganui Park S.C. Artist in Residence.

  2. john says:

    I think that Alex Rusconi and Bianca Cleave may be the best artist’s on here. very different.
    How would i go about getting an interview with them?
    Cheers John O’hallaran.

  3. max says:

    Sadly, you probably can’t. It’s a one off and I’m sure she will want to keep the original. But you could take a copy of it from this website and have it printed somewhere at a place where you have photographs developed. I will try to check with her that it’s OK for you to do that. It’s colourful with a wonderful sense of pattern and design. And, all of the works go together as a series really well, don’t you think?.
    I’ll put another message below if I hear from Hannah’s school. Cheers Max

  4. sue says:

    How do I go about purchasing a copy of the hannah egan work.

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