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Art is extremely enriching. Why wouldn’t people want to be exposed to interesting ideas?

Sarah Thornton: Seven Days In The Art World. Page xv1.



This is a personal and private website that I share with people. It is produced by Dr. Max Darby (Arts Education Consultant).


The opinions and ideas expressed are my own unless otherwise stated.


Many ideas have been provided that can be explored in class by Art teachers and students, especially in the Photo Albums, Examples of Student Artworks and Exhibitions files.


Should you wish to contribute work to any of the files on this website or conduct an online exhibition of student work contact details can be found under About Max


 Comments can be left under each of the files.


Images in the latter photo files can be enlarged by using the icon in the middle of the main images. Earlier files do not allow that facility to work.


The following painting My Story is documented in the article The Art Teacher as Role Model.



My Story. Max Darby. Acrylic on canvas. 1 Metre x 0.5 Metre. July 2008


Website Dedications are listed near the bottom of Articles – on teaching Art



Dr. Max Darby (Art Education Consultant, Artist in Residence)


















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